Hand-painted denim jackets are a real hit among girls who adore fashion of 90’s. Sisters Daria and Maria interpreted this trend by adding colored ostrich feathers. You should not be afraid to wear these jackets at all as it make the fabric much softer and its feathers can be easilliy removed and sent to a drycleaners’.
Text: Yaroslav Fashchevskiy


Kabuki-Paris art director Elina Halimi reveals her professional secrets for those who is packing suitcase for the fashion weeks maraphon.

“Most of the clothes is waiting for me in the city I’m going to visit – a lot of young and famous designers propose me their new creations for advertisement and for my tests of the outfits quality before the buying it for my boutique. But it doesn’t make me free of a long package process before the whole fashion month.
I suppose everyone who is interested in fashion and read online magazines with the front row guests photos has lots of questions about the way how to be perfect during the whole month of fashion weeks marathon and how much clothes do they pack up for the fashion trip. According to all things that are needed to an every woman for a daytime the amount of the luggage can easily reach 10 suitcases. But my own experience of the endless flights has taught me to take only necessary clothing so I take only three suitcases which is good enough for the long trips around the world.
The first main rule is to plan all the looks for the every day. The second one is to pack all the pieces of one look to the same suitcase – from shoes to accessories and cosmetics – as a guarantee in case of losing one of three suitcases: if you put all your shoes into one suitcase and you have a risk to find yourself without shoes at all. By the way in everyday life I am trying to dress up and to buy clothes the same way – I like some piece of clothing only in case if I know how to mix it up with my own wardrobe.
The third important rule during the making your future looks is to make them strong and bright for an eye because Fashion Week is a fashion celebration where most of the hot trends and fashion news of the season are being born.
Street-style photos of the perfectly dressed people are some kind of mystic for many followers. As for me it’s a result of the thorough work with the every look and detail: from shoes to iPhone case. It is very important for long-distance trip because there is no possibility to change something with your home clothes collection and you don’t have time for shopping.
The fourth important rule is not to use runway total look but always mix up hot fashion it-pieces with the vintage clothing or with previous collections – this way you can make your outfit much more interesting and more personal.
And the fifth rule that can protect you from a fashion faux pas is to choose only the clothes that fits you well – if it’s not, that means this piece isn’t yours: don’t take it at all.
Perfect looks consist not only of clothes but also of the confidence in everything you wear. My own choice is a comfort and convenience with the love to everything I wear when I’m looking into the mirror of the fashion cities.

Text: Elina Halimi

Translation into English: Yaroslav Fashchevskiy


“A well-dressed man is a person, whose clothes do not attract too much attention. The most important is a man, his personalia, his face. This is the main role of classic basic clothes”

Evelina Khromtchenko


Fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko managed to hold Tefi award twice. Channel One Russia “Fashion verdict” TV-show won the prestigious TV-award in the category “Entertainment program “Lifestyle” in 2008 and 2015. After all these years Evelina noticed that some of the simple rules have to be repeated again and again.

1. You shouldn’t worry about what people think about you. Most of them don’t really care.
2. People are not that attentive to notice your deep inner world. Everything will go faster if your appearance will give a hint at the delights of your soul.
3. You shouldn’t be ashamed of misunderstand something in fashion. Don’t be shy to ask your questions.
4. It is very annoying when people with no experience and no education in fashion begin to insist that their narrow views should be a guiding star for all humanity.
5. Don’t waste your nerves competing with the glossy pages it-girls – you will definitely lose the fight.
6. Don’t try to buy the same jeans or something else that some girl next door has. You are different person.
7. Stop adhering the principle “First I’ll lose some weight and then I’ll dress up”. Dress up today because there is a chance that you might never lose weight.
8. You shouldn’t’ be angry with top-models because they’re more beautiful than you are. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave a comment on Instagram – “OMG! She is so ugly!” or “Could somebody buy her food!”. That is an obvious demonstration of your jelousy.
9. If you’re 50 years old and your size is Russian 50-th, you can’t dress as 25 year old skinny girl does. It is weird that I have to repeat it again and again.
10. You should’t tell to chef how to cook, or to teacher how to teach and to fashion expert how to dress up.
11. If you go to bakery on the corner not bothering to change wrinkled clothes or to wash your hair there is a high risk that you will meet… everybody.
12. Beautiful and confident gait can save the most disastrous outfit.
13. Politeness gives you class.
14. If you’re saving money for someone by refusing buying new clothes for yourself, you can be sure that they will say: “No one asked you!”. Or they won’t appreciate your effort. The conclusion: live for yourself and others will catch up.
15. Stop buying clothes for the girl you were 25 years ago. Have courage to look into the mirror and to face the truth.
16. If you have some doubt about your dress, think what your grandmother would have said about it.
17. If you don’t have money for expensive face creams, you should sleep 8 hours a day. And if you have enough money – sleep 8 hours a day.
18. If it’s possible try not to cry because tears really spoil your skin around your eyes.
19. Stop buying dozens of cheap T-shirts with funny pictures and phrases. It’s only you who finds it funny.
20. It makes no sense to be jealous of those who have more money. Believe me, they have the same problems with the wardrobe that you have. And more effectively will solve the problems the person who is ready to deal with them and not the one who has more money.
21. The joy of a beautiful silhouette in the mirror is much more than joy of the pizza piece. If you have already bought a pizza – throw it away. If you have not bought it – don’t dare to spend money on it.
22. You should regularly eat healthy food to lose weight and you should regularly visit a good hairdresser to grow your hair.
23. Do you want to wear tight clothes but don’t want to let pizza down? Than don’t forget about shaping lingerie.
24. Princes on white horses don’t exist. And if they are they need young princess on white unicorns. Are you a princess on a white unicorn? No? Then why not to try finding a normal man and have a simple human happiness?
25. I agree with the statement: “There is no love, there is only proof of it.” I don’t like adult men who give their women cheap toys instead of jewelry made of precious metals.
26. Sometimes in the beginning of the show when I am going to the clothing rail I think that stylist won’t help to the hero of the show. But deodorant and washing powder certainly will help her.
27. Frequently, I see ladies who pretend to be girls and girls who try to look as ladies, as far as possible. Sometimes I want to introduce them to each other.
28. “Why do I need an evening dress – for what occasion I can wear it? I” Strange question … Of course, to the place where you have never been – and mainly because in jeans and sneakers you’re not allowed to come there.
29. Don’t wear tights color of a stale dead body. Just don’t wear it and that is it. And no explanations.
30. Beauty doesn’t fall from the sky – it’s a hard work. So work, damn it!

Ask Evelina

Q “Please tell about the most important features of style which Ines de la Fressange proposes to everybody in her beautiful book Paris style.” Olga L., Ufa

A Ines de la Fressange answers Olga’s question in her interview with Evelina Khromtchenko

Q “Please tell about the most important features of style which Ines de la Fressange proposes to everybody in her beautiful book Paris style.” Olga L., Ufa

A Ines de la Fressange answers Olga’s question in her interview with Evelina Khromtchenko





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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia