“Nobody can find out you have beautiful soul if your appearance turns people off. I am sure the person with rich in-ness can’t accept dirty and messy exterior”.

Evelina Khromtchenko



Whom do the Haute Joaillerie jewelers create for? For women like top-model Anastassia Khozissova. She is young, but mature. She is strong, but delicate. She looks perfect, but cherishes her little flaws, that make beauty real. She is independent, but dreams of finding someone who would make her feel like protected by a stone wall… Meanwhile this woman is running other kind of stones through her fingers: of course, they are tiny, but so beautiful, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off them.

Artistic director: Evelina Khromtchenko Photos and style: Milena Ziyatdinova Producer: Maria Massot GIFs: Oleg Slutskii Illustrations: Anna Khaulina

Ask Evelina

Q«Does image-maker can help to choose my own style? Especially according to color-type theory.», Incognito

A— Behind the scenes of the program «Fashion verdict» Evelina answers this question. Watch it and ask new ones — «Ask Evelina» at evelinakhromtchenko.com





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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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