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The 40th anniversary of the maison in a book narrating the life of Anna Molinari, one of the protagonists of the recent history of Italian fashion. A story that stands out for creative talent, entrepreneurial wit and emotional intensity. With Blumarine, Anna Molinari describes the complicity between fashion and women.

Clothes that accompanied generations of women through their everyday life, in depicting a scenery in which relinquishing their sensuality and femininity is not an option. Life, work, love, family, harmoniously share the same dimension.

Through a selection of images shot by charismatic photographers of the likes of Albert Watson, Helmut Newton, Tim Walker, Ellen von Unwerth and Craig McDean, fashion editor such as Manuela Pavesi and art director as M/M Paris, and illustrated by descriptive text, keywords are analysed to extensively explain the elements of Blumarine grammar.

The book begins with a long essay by Elena Loewenthal: The queen of roses. A biography of Anna Molinari written by a friend who knows her deeply and candidly outlines her life and her personality.

The book closes with a chapter dedicated to those who wish to learn more about the history of Blumarine and its creator.

«Anna Molinari, Blumarine» book. Video directed by Andrea Pugiotto and Luca Roscini


“Nobody can find out you have beautiful soul if your appearance turns people off. I am sure the person with rich in-ness can’t accept dirty and messy exterior”.

Evelina Khromtchenko


The first cooperation of the fashion expert and the largest Russian manufacturer of footwear and accessories took place last year and was based on the author’s formula of Evelina Khromchenko “25 fashionable investments in the wardrobe.” The success of the capsule Evelina Khromtchenko & Ekonika was decided to consolidate in the new season, the theme of which is “Trendy business trip”. Evelina acts as the creative director of the capsule, leading the work on the collection of the design bureau “Econika”.

The collection includes a classic line represented by boats made of leather, lacquer, velvet, at different heights, ballet with bows from rep, evening clutches with silk brushes and day bags with a unique set of belts, and boots with bootlegs and ankle boots With an open neckline. The sports part consists of leather slips, velvet sneakers and backpacks in various materials. In the color of the collection, the trendy colors of the tricolor dominate, as well as shades of precious stones, aged gold and silver – Russian style business cards in the international fashion. An important topic of the collection was a fashionable business trip. It has comfortable and functional cosmetic bags, which will become indispensable in travel. The center of the theme of a stylish trip is a capacious suitcase on wheels of actual size for hand luggage with original functional solutions that modern jet jetters will appreciate.

The Evelina Khromchenko logo in the form of eyeglasses “cat’s eye” adorns all capsule objects. The brand print in the form of an open book, painted by Evelina, continues to live on the straps of bags, on clutch-mentaders, cosmetic bags, and also decorates a large and cozy stole made of natural wool, which can be turned into a blanket for an airplane, and a spectacular cocktail dress . From the collection of sketches, which Evelina mechanically draws in the margins of the scripts, a set of original rapports was compiled, of which this time the themes of shoes and the starry sky were chosen. The embroidered stars and comets embroidered with silver decorate the New Year’s part of the capsule, and computer covers and silk scarves are punched with motifs of the starry sky.

Came fashion journalists, buyers, as well as friends and customers of the brand Evelina Khromtchenko & Ekonika: public figures Irina Khakamada and Ksenia Bezuglova, business ladies Marianna Maksimovskaya and Karina Varivoda, designers Alice and Julia Ruban, Victoria Andreyanova, Katya Dobryakova, Dmitry Loginov, artists Pavel Kaplevich, Georgy Ostretsov, Dimitri Semakov, photographers Dmitry Iskakhov and Charles Thompson with his wife Olga Thompson, TV presenters Aurora, Irena Ponaroshku, Yulia Baranovskaya, Fyokla Tolstaya, radio presenters Margarita Mitrofanova, All Tatyana Plotnikova, fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, gallery owner Polina Askeri, journalists Konstantin Remchukov (Nezavisimaya Gazeta), Ksenia Solovieva (Tatler), Laura Jugelia (People Talk) and many others.

During the cocktail from the “Golden Balka” wine house, the guests could see not only new models of footwear and accessories, but also a photo exhibition of Dmitry Iskhakov, who took off the image campaign for the capsule. In the space of the ballroom of the mansion erected by the architect Feodor Shekhtel and decorated by artist Mikhail Vrubel in 1893-98 by order of the industrialist and philanthropist Savva Morozov for his wife Zinaida, there was also a small exhibition “Little black dress etc” from the collection of Evelina Khromchenko – on mannequins dressed up In the iconic sets from the personal collection of the fashion expert, stylists from the Evelina Fashion School team demonstrated how to use bags and shoes from a new capsule. Decorator Mike Shilov was responsible for decorating the space, for the musical accompaniment of the evening – DJ Natalia Turovnikova, for photo reports – Victor Boyko, Alexei Gorbunov and Alena Chandler.

Capsule “Evelina Khromtchenko & Ekonika” will be delivered to 140 E-commerce salons in Russia and Belarus in July, and sales of its New Year line will start in October 2017. The collection will be available for delivery anywhere in Russia and all over the world on the website DressOne.ru
The evening was held with the support of the companies “Zolotaya Balka” and “Delicate Moving”.

Evelina Khromchenko thanks for cooperation the Reception House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and personally the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov.

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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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