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Bill Cunningham died at the age of 87 years

“We all get dressed for Bill” — said Anna Wintour about Bill Cunningham. The founder of street-style photography died at the age of 87 years. His 40-year career gave a start and a direction to an era in fashion photography.

“Those who seek beauty will find it” B.Cunningham

40 style lessons by Evelina Khromtchenko

Evelina Khromtchenko. Photo © Dmitry Iskhakov for Todchuk Studio

Do you need my advice? Ask me directly. I’m tired of reading wrong “Evelina Khromtchenko quotes”. So I decided to edit the result of huge imagination of those journalists who wanted to interview me, but for some reason did not.

1. Black pants, white shirt, bright scarf. The secret of success is a simple solution.

2. The best equipment to get rid of boorish gait is a tight two-palms-bellow-the-knee skirt.

3. You should remember the rule: volume sleeves – smooth hair, short dress – opaque tights, bright outfit – simple shoes. It has to be only one active zone in your final look. It is not scary, if it will be your eyes.

4. Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed that turtleneck is the best choice in every difficult situation. It nicely shows your curves while hiding the unnecessary details.

5. Jeans, like plastic surgery, can fantastically improve your body shape or completely ruin it.

6. Traditionally good investment is a classic V-neck cashmere jumper.

7. Moms should definitely teach their girls how to dress up. You shouldn’t think that every woman had already known how to do her makeup, get dressed and comb the hair by her own.

8. Any outfit can tell about a person much more that he intended to.

9. A good taste has to be trained every day. When you stop doing it the senility immediately starts, no matter how old you are: 19 or 75.

10. Beauty can not be perfect to please everybody. There must be some kind of imperfectness in it.

11. In every woman’s wardrobe the clothing is divided into three types – for themselves, for friends and for men. Do not confuse them.

12. If you go on a date, the dress have to show the difference between bust, waist and hips.

13. Revise your collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick perfectly combine, you will be looking great, even if put on the dress which color does not suit you.

14. If your skirt or dress lifts up during the walking, you definitely need either bigger size or a different model of it.

15. There are no ugly women – there are bad hairdressers.

16. Don’t be afraid of high heels. You can find shoes or boots with high heels that are very comfortable and can be worn all day long.

17. If you want to visually lengthen your legs, you should choose the shoes the same color with pants.

18. If you wear an extravagant dress, be sure to make a smooth hair not to distract attention from the dress.

19. Do not be shy of your shape. Everything that God granted you is beautiful. So if it is beautiful, it is necessary to be shown. The main thing is to do it correctly and with a good taste.

20. There is a rule for the evening look. Only one piece of the outfit can be shine: the dress or the accessories.

21. High heels play a crucial role in helping to hide some problems of shape with an excess weight.

22. Fashion – is not feathers and rhinestones. Fashion is the skirt that fits well, when pants lengthen the legs, when a woman wore a dress and flew away. Fashion – it is when a woman picked up a new bag and her life had immediately changed.

23. A new dress – is a cheaper and more secure instrument than psychotherapists and antidepressants.

24. Take the money saved for a rainy day and buy new shoes. And maybe the rainy day will never come.

25. In order to look sexy and elegant in any age you should use classic ideas: a tuxedo suit, a high heels and a tiny clutch bag.

26. If you want to climb up the career ladder, dress as if you are already at the top of it.

27. Great fashion look for every situation – black turtleneck top, cropped pants with elegant shoes with a small heel and stockings to match the shoes and the pants.

28. LBD can beautify a woman in any age. The only thing an elder lady should do is to wear black tights under it.

29. The red dress is a scream, the bordeaux dress is a point of view, the black dress is a life position.

30. You should choose bijouterie this way, so everyone can recognize it. If the bijouterie is not trying to look like precious jewelry you will be looking fabulous even in a company of women, shining with natural stones.

31. It is easy to attract the attention: you should use a bright lipstick, put on a huge sunglasses or wear a bright bag. Be afraid of boring looks and a lack of accessories.

32. Mainly, cheap clothes decorated with rhinestones look defiantly vulgar.

33. A well-dressed man is a person, whose clothes do not attract too much attention. The most important is a man, his personalia, his face. This is the main role of classic basic clothes.

34. There are no trendy jeans, there are only jeans that fit well.

35. Everybody has something that can transform him into a star.

36. Heels make a woman a little instable; it means that there is a man who will want to support her.

37. Clothes have to work for a long time, be descended, especially if they come from a good brand.

38. Sports chic is not sold in sports stores.

39. Women love with the ears and the ears love diamonds.

40. No stress – big ass!


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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