“Russian Rock. Joanna Stingray’s View ” exhibition at the Arts Square Gallery in St. Petersburg

“Russian Rock. Joanna Stingray’s View ” exhibition. Photo© Arts Square Gallery

American singer, producer and public figure Joanna Stingray first came to the USSR in 1984. When she heard Leningrad rock, she admired it immediately. Returning to the United States, the singer released an album entitled “Red Wave”, which included compositions by musical bands like “Aquarium”, “Kino”, “Alisa”, “Strannye igry” (Strange games). Today Joanna Stingray is a big fan and propagandist of the Russian rock. “Russian Rock. Joanna Stingray’s View ” exhibition is timed to coincide with the arrival of the American singer. The exhibition features photographs from Joanna’s archive and her joint art objects with the artist Sergei Bugaev (Afrika). Later several more exhibitions will gradually be open in the gallery, which will be combined into one large project “Nerve of the time”. The Arts Square Gallery and collectors who have provided works from their collections together recreate the visual image of the musical era in which the Leningrad rockers worked.

“Russian Rock. Joanna Stingray’s View ” exhibition runs till August 1, 2021.

Address: St. Petersburg, Italyanskaya Street, 5


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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