Pokras Lampas: new visual culture

NIKE Х Pokras Lampas: 3D Calligraphy Art Object. Photo © behance.net/pokras

Pokras Lampas is a Russian contemporary artist who works in the technique of “calligraffiti”. He paints different surfaces with Cyrillic calligraphy – from the facades and roofs of historical buildings up to the T-shirts and denim jackets.
The real name of Pokras Lampas is Arseniy Pyzhenkov, he was born in 1991 in Korolyov, a small town in Moscow region, but now lives and works in two cities: St. Petersburg and Moscow. His teenage enthusiasm for street art, particularly graffiti and tags, grew into a serious author’s direction – calligrafuturism. Pokras works with his own alphabet, his artworks connect street art, design, typography with calligraphy of different cultures.
Pokras does not have a special education in art, but he has an impressive portfolio: collaborations with Dries Van Noten, Lamborghini, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, adidas, Fendi and Levi’s. The aesthetics of Cyrillic calligraphy harmoniously blends with the concept of European brands. The Belgian designer Dries Van Noten found Pokras in Instagram and immediately ordered him prints for his Spring-Summer 2017 men’s collection, and the American brand Levi’s invited the Russian artist to paint the 50th Anniversary Trucker Jacket. Pokras Lampas considers fashion to be one of the directions of art: the artist develops his own clothing and accessories line Pokras Lampas Brand.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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