DIMA LEU: sport suit

Designer Dima Leu. Photo © vogue.it

Dima Leu, a designer born in Moldavia but raised and trained in Italy, blends sportswear with tailoring. He became interested in fashion when he was finishing his Economics studies and started crafting accessories for his friends as a hobby. Dima Leu enjoyed creating them so much that shortly after enrolled in the University IUAV of Venice to study fashion design. Before launching his fashion brand in 2015, he worked as an assistant designer at well-known Italian luxury brands.
The concept of Dima Leu’s brand is to combine the comfort of sportswear with the chic of tailored suits. Bright colours, zips and drawstrings are borrowed from tracksuits, while the fabrics and the sartorial shapes remind of classical suits. The designer develops this philosophy in every his collection trying to prove that elegance can be comfortable like sport can be chic.

Text: Rimma Ismagilova


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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