Graduation-2018: attire for graduates and their moms

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Fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko considers one of the most important events in life a graduation ball, to which you must prepare carefully.

Errors in choosing a dress for the prom
The main parents’ mistakes are:

1)This is a child’s holiday, not ours, we will not break the child through the knee, but let’s go to him / her for a reason about the costume.
2)Well, he / she is young, so in fashion he understands better than we do. He / she understands in advanced outfits, but we do not.

And here are the main mistakes of the graduates:

1)Once the graduation ball is something like the first ball of Natasha Rostova, then the girl needs a white dress. Let’s go to the wedding salon.
2)This is a holiday of adulthood. We must all show what we are to impossible sexual.

Parents, please understand, not all the wishes of children should be fulfilled. If the child has dreamed of going on graduation in his underwear and bra, covering himself with a translucent muslin, one should not realize these desires. We must allow the girl too adult dress, too voluminous neckline, bare stomach, mini, more like a belt, corsets, laces, translucent fabrics. You can not copy the outfit of the pop singer on stage and the suit of the favorite heroine of the series. It is impossible to kill several rabbits with one dress at a time – they say, both at the prom and at the wedding will do.

Let’s remember the main thing: the graduation party is a holiday of youth, and not a holiday of disobedience. Even if a girl considers herself to be relevant at this point in her life to play the role of a gloomy goth or punk band, she will have an interesting stylistic task to demonstrate the light part of her role model. The funniest things look like the graduation girls – “tetenki”, who succeeded in creating the image of the forty-year-old vamp: do not confuse the genres. This is a parade of innocence, and not a competition of “experienced”. Choosing a dress at the prom, do not forget the golden rule of Coco Chanel: “Extravagance is the enemy of elegance.” After all, the graduation will pass, but the social networks will remain.

What materials to use for prom dresses
Better than matte silks, for example, chiffon and fine silk jersey it is difficult to find something.

What colors for the prom dresses are excluded, and which are recommended
A white prom dress is acceptable, but in no case is a wedding type. Look at the dress for Kitty’s first ball in the film adaptation of Anna Karenina with Kira Find in the role of Anna. The nature of the dress is very true – it’s simple, for an innocent girl.
Black is best avoided: graduation is a holiday of youth and innocence, and even if the event is in the evening, it is better to choose the colors of the pastel group.
Red in question – it all depends on the nature of the dress. If it looks like a girlish innocence, then this is permissible. Well, if it contains the idea of a fatal woman, then refrain.
Fashionable shiny materials should be used very carefully – if only the dress will be so gentle that the shine of silver or gold will not catch your eye.
A distinct floral print will make the dress unpretentious, non-creative, but blurry and abstract floral motifs are quite acceptable. But all sorts of floral reliefs, appliques and textures look especially advantageous.

Mini, midi or maxi?
If the official part is held in the morning, the girls should prefer the midi cocktail length, which varies below the knee depending on the shape of the young lady’s legs. Choose a safe cocktail solution: certainly elegant, but within the prudence of a dress that can then be used on occasion (anniversary of the parents, visit to the wedding to friends, celebration of admission to the university).

If you really want a mini, you can show your foot on the palm above the knee and only, and even then, provided that the girl is really beautiful legs. But even if the girl has divinely beautiful legs, a dress that ends there, where the legs grow, the graduation is unacceptable: it can be worn for a host of other wonderful summer activities, but not at the prom.

And if the celebration takes place in the evening and will be held in the now fashionable form of the ball, then it should be maxi-length – only without training, God forbid. The length should be cut to the size of a girl – in no case should you allow the manifestation of the Russian people’s idea “to grow”, otherwise a girl as a peasant in the meadow will walk with a skirt in her hands. The dress with the train also carries other dangers: the girl will not only sweep the school yard, but will also be immobilized at the most crucial moment – someone will definitely decide to stand on her train.
It’s silly to choose and very fitting maxi dresses – a girl not only can not move normally, but looks much older than her years.

However, in any case, any form does not win, a classmate, brother, father or teacher should help girls in long dresses to climb the stage after the diploma and descend from the scene after receiving it. This point needs to be prepared in advance.

Originality or simplicity
Choose the most simple styles. The dress can be spectacular only when paired with a girl. If you see the dress, not the girl, then the result will be negative. Do not be original – many of this about the original ideas.
Be very careful with overstated waist in the style of “Empire”: this decision is ambiguous, it does not help to demonstrate the girl’s slender waist.
As for a dress with one bare shoulder, then if it looks chaste, why not. Actual draperies, assemblies, ruffles and flounces can be quite appropriate. But skeptical skirts at graduation I’m skeptical. And frankly bad – to a voluminous skirt on a meter lift.

A choice for a graduate: dress or trouser suit?
For moms and teachers, a smart trouser suit is acceptable, but for graduates – no. In general, the desire to be “not like everyone else” leads to such fiasco events and serious moral trauma for life. “I decided to come in a black jacket, jeans and a hat” … Why? In order to feel the only ugliness against the background of beauties, in which, as if by magic, all the ugly ducklings of the school turned out to be? And remember with tears this social failure then all my life?

Shoes and bags
It’s strange that you have to talk about it, but still: it is not necessary for a graduate to get acquainted with her new shoes on the day of graduation. You need to walk around in the apartment before. Leave all kinds of risky designs and stop at safe and universally equipped sharp-nosed heels with heels 10 cm, 8 cm, or 6.5 cm high. I note: in order to make the leg more slender, for a cocktail length it is quite enough 3-5 cm of heel, or else And at all sharp-nosed ballet dancers. A sharp toe part will help to realize the most magical effect, extending the growth, which we expect from the studs when bundled.
If the girl’s size is less than the 38th, and it is convenient for her to try on a heel 10.5-11.5 cm when fitting, you should not succumb to this feeling. The leg will necessarily reduce if she stays in such shoes for at least an hour. In this case, it is better to stop your choice with a maximum of 10 cm heel. You can afford a heel above 10 cm only if the size of the foot is more than 38th, and the girl is able to wear and actively uses the hairpin in everyday life.
Buy shoes that you are slightly free, perhaps half the size of your usual. This, perhaps, is the first responsible situation, in which you need to be on your heels from morning to night. In the morning you can put in the shoes insole, and in the evening just throw it away. In no case can you experiment with heels if you wear them seldom or even wear them for the first time in your life. All options with a platform under the toe and a 14-centimeter hairpin should be excluded. A girl who is not trained to walk in such shoes will not be able to live in it all evening. Moreover, it is better to wear such forms under pants or a long dress, because they have long ago lost their former relevance. Today, for thick sandals-coots, thick, steady heels are important, but if the leg is full, it is worth choosing shoes more attractive, or hide the coburns under a long skirt.

As for the color of the shoes, if you have chosen a pastel range for your graduation dress, shoes can be a more saturated shade or even an alternative. For example, a lilac dress fits well with blue boats, blue with silvery, pink with golden ones (graduation ball is an event that can be safely come in “princess shoes” – silver, gold or covered with glitter). The skin color of the shoes is suitable for any dress, but the shade should be chosen based on the color of the girl’s skin.

A bag for a smart group should not be more than two of your palms. Even if Dad gave you 2.55 from Chanel or 35-centimeter Birkin of your dreams in honor of the important day of your life, leave it at home. The fact that the color of such a father’s gift is exactly like your prom dress, should not be influenced by you: the big bag should stay at home.
It is advisable that the purse for the prom yet had a long chain in stock, which will help, if necessary, to release your hands, for example, when disco starts.

Beauty Issues
The girl in itself is an ornament of any dress. She is fresh, young, with clean eyes, beautiful hair. It is necessary to use this shamelessly. The more natural the graduate will look on this day, the better. But naturalness does not mean the absence of light make-up and styling. Yes, loose hair is permissible, but they must definitely be in the hands of a professional. Whether parents want or not, they must save their child for a decent beauty salon that day. The more natural makeup this day will have for a girl, the better, he will create the least number of problems in operation. But you should make it with a professional make-up artist whose work you know.
Immediately warn all the graduates from all sorts of books, babette, government volumes and other incomprehensible constructions on my head. As a rule, the holiday always ends with a party, which means that the hairdress should be such that it can jump, dance and be sure that nothing will break and will not fall out of nowhere. Now on the catwalks often demonstrate a light beam, all sorts of slightly shredded braids. Remember, external negligence should be very well maintained inside. Remember: terry colored rubber and crocodile, decorated with a disheveled Chinese flower, do not apply to actual hair decorations.
And by the way, it’s worth to show the dress to the hairdresser before choosing a styling.

Which decorations are acceptable for graduation
It is better that the girl usually wore to school, take off. Often chains with pendants, which people already simply do not notice, severely damage the décolleté line, and a lot of rings on their hands look randomly.
School graduation is an excellent occasion for parents to give the boy a watch, a girl – a ringlet or a kulonchik with a small precious stone on the chain. Cope with the horoscopes, what kind of stone the girl will bring to the entrance exams to the institute good luck – the effect of a placebo has never harmed anyone, and to parents this knowledge will facilitate the complexity of choosing a gift.
You can use delicate jewelry: brooches emphasize the features of cut dresses, or jewelry for hair – the beauty of the hairstyle. Only here with tiaras it is necessary to be more poakruatnee.

How to dress up the boy at his prom
It all depends on the dress code – the more solemn, the darker the costume. Always an excellent way out of the situation – the perfect black tuxedo, it will always come in handy (do not confuse the tuxedo with the dress coat – google it).
The length of the sleeve of the jacket should be on the knuckle on the wrist – if the sleeve is longer, you need to shorten it in the atelier. Ideally, the shirt cuff should go out of the sleeve of the jacket no more than 1 cm. The shoulder belt of the jacket should fit the shoulders of the boy, and the size of the shirt collar should match the real size of his neck: do not buy costumes for growth, they always look ridiculous.
Avoid shiny and jacquard fabrics.
Some boys are afraid to look bored, but they do not suspect that if a simple, well-fitting suit, which is then useful for work, is worn with a snickers on a bare foot and a tshotka instead of a shirt, then pathos will be immediately shot down.

How to look like the mothers of graduates
Mummy should take note of the luxurious materials such as velvet and satin pastel colors or complex colors of precious stones – an excellent choice is not too tight-fitting cocktail dress or trouser suit of fine velvet on a soft base. A good solution would be a plain trouser suit made of dense silk or of fine and light wool with silk and elastane – wide trousers and double-breasted jackets, including sleeveless ones, would be preferable – or a tuxedo made of crepe, which is always the case. For the sake of this case, you can even decide on a white tuxedo: when there will be an occasion to afford such a luxury? Advice: trouser solutions are more relevant for mothers of daughters, but mothers of sons should prefer this day dress. Only here the most important task is not to outshine your children and their teachers – you will agree, how not to concern this, the graduation ball is more of a holiday. But do not neglect dress clothes: parents have to this celebration the most direct relationship and should not look like the attendants of their children.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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