Tuxedo SS 2019. Illustration: evelinakhromtchenko.com

Tuxedo is a safe choice. If the dress code of the celebration is not obvious, wear a tuxedo, it will never let you down (except for the wedding). Tuxedo is a great alternative to elegant dress. This is exactly the trendy dish that you should definitely try. Oversize tuxedos are relevant, with exaggerated volumes and lowered very broad shoulders: as if the ladies’ jacket came straight from the men’s wardrobe. Contrast lapels and stripes are also very actual. However, a compact monochrome tuxedo with satin-made lapels and stripes will never be out of fashion. Close attention to accessories. Bright drops of shoes or bags are always a good addition to the set, moreover, they will help to divert attention from the area that you think is problematic.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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