NNedre: strictness and comfort

NNedre Fall–Winter 2018/2019. Photo © Nnedre team

Designer Nelli Nedre, who has been dreaming of a fashion designer career since her childhood, began to create full-fledged collections she was studying at the Institute of Service and Economics in St. Petersburg. In 2013 she decided to create her own high quality knitwear clothing brand NNedre. Today, Nelli creates basic women and men collections that fit easily into any style. She studies the fabrics, carefully elaborates details to achieve the maximum utility. “We have grown up, so do our clients, that’s why there are clothes in our collections which you put on to look stricter and more serious that yesterday, but you feel comfortable and relaxed as you do in your favorite sweatshort”.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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