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Anastasia Davydova, the designer and founder of Qari Qris jewelry brand, decided to launch her jewelry project the moment when she got her order for the wedding rings from the jeweller’s workshop. She didn’t like the result.

Could you be so upset with those wedding rings that you decided to create your jewelry design brand?
– I did not have plans to launch my own brand of jewelry. The situation with the wedding rings is like a hint that it’s time to start myown business, and jewelry is the direction of enduring development, and even at the initial stages it can be a good source of income. I consider March 2015 the start of my brand, when I took the first products to the store for sale. Everything happened very quickly and after six months, when I stopped coping with the demand, I realized that I was not just making rings, that Qari Qris was becoming a jewelry brand.

You are a biologist by education, you have worked as a porcelain restorer. Now you design jewelry pieces. How does knowledge in different areas help you?
– It seems to me that any education gives us the ability to think and learn, no matter what. While doing restoration, I developed fine motor skills, a vision of proportions and shape combinations, when I sculpted the broken fingers, restored the faces of the Mason figurines and re-painted the watercolor drawing on the lost fragments of the most sophisticated vases. Biological education also makes impact, nature is the best designer, five years of studying it in different fields this way or another helps to use competently organic forms and natural images, taking into consideration the anatomy of a person and unconsciously peeking all the living and perfect.

The name of your brand Qari Qris can be translated as “the wind blows” from the Georgian language. You’re your brand have anything in common with Georgia?
– The wind, as the source of life and breath of God, is a symbol of some changes. We like the phonosemantics of the name and the song of the Georgian language, the spirituality and soulfulness of this country. Perhaps, the love for this region is our only connection with it.

Qari Qris jewelry is made in a minimalism style. What influenced or continues to influence the design of your jewelry?
– Minimalism for us is the first step from simple to complex, when you are just learning, do not take on complex shapes, inlays and filigree – they are unlikely to turn out perfect, and we are perfectionists. In the art school I was taught to work on the principle of “first the background – then the details.” So it works here too. The last collection can no longer be called minimalistic, it lacks geometry, and there are simple bends at first glance, in fact, they are carefully thought out proportions and details. It is laconic, but not minimalistic.

How should your clients wear Qari Qris jewelry?
– With love and every day.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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