CA&LOU: Mineral Weather: nature of artistry

Anna Pavlova and Alexander Olkhovsky, founders and
designers of Mineral Weather jewelry. Photo © @mineralweather

Mineral Weather collections are more of art-objects, the process of their creating is a real experiment. Alexander Olkhovsky and Anna Pavlova, the designer dou from Moscow, create both sophisticated and brutal jewelry pieces with raw minerals.

How did such a poetic name appear?
– We founded our brand in 2010 after meeting Anna in my studio in “Arma”. The name was invented a long time ago, when I worked on TV in “Vremya” (Time) programme. I drew sketches of the future project, and it seemed to me that the name was beautifully written. Anya, having seen my notebooks with sketches, decided that they were suitable for our common project.
Why did you decide not to use precious metals and stones in your jewelry pieces?
– In terms of creativity, it’s not my thing. Actually, I want to develop the project in the unusual areas for jewelry art. For example, now we are working on integrating touch panel displays connected to the application into our jewelries. We will go deep into this idea – up to the creating clothes made of the flexible screen.
What material is more interesting to work with at the moment?
– We don’t have any favorite stones, although at the moment it is probably a pink tourmaline. One more interesting mineral is a grape agate. It’s just a bomb! It is nice to work with amber, there is a citrus scent while processing it.
You create the jewels together. How do you work in pair?
– Some jewels are created by Anna, others – by me. We have an assistant who makes number of copies.​ ​We try to delegate operational tasks and concentrate on strategic tasks, for example, the creation of a new collection. We have very extraordinary orders. For one collector, we have made a gilded bronze bouquet with stones in a ceramic stand using our technology. That is, they are not classical flowers in a pot, but some strange objects. There are magnets there, and you can easily change the details. We like such orders, they make us think outside the box and take us to a new level of development.
How do you see the future of Mineral Weather?
– We have plenty of plans, for example, a personal exhibition displaying not only jewelry but abstract objects too. There is an offer from the Ministry of Culture to make an exhibition in one of the historic mansions, so we are now thinking about it. Actually, I’m for the movement, I like it when the air bubbles are floating in the liquid or the oil in the glass shell encrusted in gold; or made of skin color silicone a tattoo. Better yet, if the ring gives you a signal that someone calls you or sent you a message.


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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