Gilda and Giorgia who built Attico

Left: Gilda Ambrosio (on the left) and Giorgia Tordini, Attico designers.
Photo © @gildaambrosio.
Right: Giorgio Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio. Photo © @giorgiatordini

Italian designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgio Tordini have made a long way in fashion before launching their brand Attico in February 2016: from street-style stars and it girls status up to the fashion consultants and influencers. They have fashion in their blood. Giorgio Tordini’s father was a shoe designer, and she remembers hours of her childhood spent sitting next to him as he worked, sketching her own design and helping him pick out colors and materials. Gilda Ambrosio’s family owns a boutique in Naples, and as a child, she played dress-up at the store. They met each other at Fashion school in Milan. The girls became known for their personal style but have always been serious designers first. They are total opposites when it comes to their taste in fashion. Giorgio Tordini is a classist who prefers tailored minimal pieces, while Gilda Ambrosio is more eclectic and experimental. Both of them love fashion and are involved in every part of this business. Attico (which means “garret” in Italian) is the result of two different aesthetics in style and an experience in different aspects of design and communication. The girls are aimed to turn an Italian vintage-inspired brand Attico into a lifestyle Fashion House.

Text: Rimma Ismagilova


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Photo: Timur Artamonov for Elle-Russia

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